Web Class: Road to 10,000 Subscribers

Corrado Coia
road to 10k subs
Replay for our web class, “The Road to 10,000 Subscribers in 4 Steps”.
In this web class we will be covering: 
  • How to set your channel up for long-term success
  • Why failure is good, and how to fail the right way
  • How to lock in collabs to cross promote audiences
  • #1 secret to marketing your channel in 2021
Sign up for Corrado’s Personalized YouTube Growth Package before Monday! We are allowing 10 people to join at this time. https://learn.socialbluebook.com/youtube

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      Road to 10,000 Subscribers
Corrado was part of the team that created Vlogumentary, a feature-length film documenting the hidden behind the scene lives of YouTubers. Corrado also co-founded Buffer Festival, the international YouTube film festival. Buffer Festival is dubbed "the Oscars of YouTube" and each year is host to hundreds of the most acclaimed YouTube creators where they premiere their cinematic work to audiences, industry, and press. Corrado has worked with countless clients and sponsors throughout the years, such as: Lucasfilm, Google, Coca Cola, LG, Mercedes, Best Buy, Samsung, CBC, and much more. Corrado regularly consults with individual creators to large-scale companies and has weekly calls direct with YouTube. He's helped channels grow by tens of thousands of subscribers to millions of subscribers and helped many people create long-lasting businesses from their channels - several of which have passed the million-dollar revenue mark.