Growing an engaged audience on TikTok

Koli Marks
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Welcome to Growing an engaged audience on TikTok.

This course covers all of the basic strategies that you NEED to know about for TikTok.  Here’s what this class covers:

  • History of TikTok
  • How to start
  • Training the algorithm
  • Optimize your bio
  • Launching your first video
  • Going multi-platform with your content
  • Building a fan not a follower

Enjoy learning from our resident TikTok coach, Koli Marks.  She is a wealth of knowledge and if you have additional questions you can interact with her directly in our discord community found here:

Get ready to master TikTok.  To get started click on the ‘Curriculum’ tab.

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      TikTok: Growing an engaged audience 25 min
Koli Marks

Hi Ya'll! My name is Koli (she/her) and I am the resident TikTok coach. I have 5+ years experience in the Creator Space from PR to Brand Partnerships and beyond. I run a TikTok account @Koli Marks (TikTok Coach) that helps emerging Creators learn how to make money on social media. I have experience working with brands and doing UGC. Outside of work I love going to the beach and hanging with my cats! Can't wait to help you guys thrive on TikTok!
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